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WordPress is an extremely useful, versatile and cost effective website Content Management System (CMS), that can be adapted for a range of different specifications or requirements. We employ dedicated WordPress developers to ensure we can meet any client's WordPress requirements. However complex or simple the existing system is, you can bet WordPress could be integrated efficiently either as a replacement or working alongside it. It's a powerful platform that's very user and SEO friendly, responsive, and fit for purpose on both low or high end projects and websites. Call our experts today to find out more about how we can integrate WordPress with your business.


Another powerful and cost effective website CMS is Magento. This well crafted website platform is ideal for a number of large and small ecommerce website projects. Magentos strength lies in its structure and simple, yet effective, management of products, categories and content in the back end. Our experts are well versed with integrating Magento into existing site builds. We've carried out a number of Magento website projects from advanced multiple database websites, to smaller sites selling a few products. Magento can be weaved into most existing projects, but to find out specifics on how Magento can help your business, call or fill in a contact form today.


With the evolution of mobile search and other less conventional, less equipped, browsers such as consoles and TV’s on the rise, it’s never been more important to ensure your website runs smoothly however it’s accessed. Website speed has a direct effect on your website bounce, conversion and engagement rates and subsequently, your Google rankings. Fifty2One have developers dedicated to reducing page load speed and overall website speed performance for the end user. The faster the site is, the better it performs.


Your online presence is a valuable commodity, one that we believe needs to be protected. In addition to the ranking benefits a secure website has, ensuring your website is secured and encrypted improves the user's trust in the site ;- which can lead to both an increase in sales, and Google rankings. All of our servers are installed with the latest software and updates to ensure they’re as secure as can be. We perform regular backups and ensure they are monitored 24 hours a day, providing the maximum uptime possible. Our clients investment with us is always safe and completely protected. Any and all websites we develop, however large or small, and to whichever budget, are always built with this same focus on security as standard. This protects the business, but also helps in it’s Google standings as the search giant grants more trust to a website that’s protecting its visitors privacy.


When it comes to your website running effectively, a large part of that can be down to the web server it’s hosted on. Our server engineers can install and develop server operating systems for a wide range of different requirements. Maybe you need a lightning fast website to host all your videos, or maybe you need a great deal of space for your ecommerce site products. Either way, Fifty2One can help with a web server solution for your individual company.