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Our Clients

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Online Advertising

At Fifty2one Media we have an extensive knowledge in all areas of online advertising, from SEO right through to social media marketing. What makes our team stand apart from the rest is our commitment to transparency and our willingness to share our secrets with all of our clients so you can see what we have put in to your campaign to get the returns you need!

We have a saying here at Fifty and that is “Our success is based on YOUR success” and no truer saying could sum up the effort and ethics that go in to every single campaign!

Our Vision

Fifty2One Ltd have the shared vision of creating high levels of success for each of our clients so that they are the dominating force in their sector, on all marketing channels - SEO, PPC, Social Media etc.

For that reason, we are limiting our total maximum clients to only Fifty. This means we can concentrate all of our focus on delivering quality campaigns that deliver impact and returns. Our emphasis is on capturing your online marketplace, putting your competitors on their heels and streamlining your marketing activities so your message is consistent and efficient meaning costs never spiral out of control.

What Our Clients Say

  • Feature
    We have employed the services of Fifty2one since April 2018 with a clear brief to get our site ranking again for our main keywords. We used to rank extremely well,  but with all the updates Google has made over the years our rankings have declined considerably resulting in a noticeable impact on our business. The team explained in detail what the issues were, how they intended to fix them and then went about putting their techniques in place. In 2 months they have taken our site back to page 1 for most of our keywords and it seems that in each report we get we climb higher and higher! We are extremely happy with the team at Fifty2one. We would not hesitate in recommending their services, and look forward to even greater results in the coming months.
    Phil Jackson
    Feature Radiators MD
  • extreme gleam logo2 85x85 - Extreme Gleam
    I would highly recommend Darren's SEO service's at Fifty2one Ltd. I get a tonne of emails everyday trying to sell me a new website, SEO services, AdWords services, app development...I could go on!! I'm sure you face this problem too!? Darren's initial communication caught my attention because it was unique, and not just some mass mail out 'template' email. I do possess a decent understanding of SEO, so when I replied to Darren's initial communication, he was the only person that a) responded and b) replied to my questions with very sound answers.
    Tom Taylor-Gibbs
    (Proprietor & Detailer)
  • Inspire 360 Logo 85x85 - Inspire 360
    “I have been working with Darren and his team over a year. SEO is not an exact science and can take time to produce results.  I am pleased to say that Darren have helped us achieve first page status for many of our main keywords and we will continue to work with him to reach and maintain those top 3 positions.”
    Joanne Binks
    Operations Director , Inspire 360 Limited