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October 13, 2016
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November 1, 2016
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Facebook Video Streaming

Facebook Video Streaming – New Features!

Facebook is now rolling out Facebook Video TV streaming to Apple TV and Chromecast users. This is a feature that is currently only available on Apple TV (and other Airplay devices). Chromecast which caters for Andriod users will soon be available as well.

The feature which Facebook was excited to announce, work’s for all types of Facebook video formats – Including live videos!

Would you like to take it for a spin?

  • Choose a great Facebook video
  • Press the TV symbol (top right corner)
  • Select the streaming device
  • Sit back, enjoy and still access Facebooks full features uninterrupted

This interactivity means you can be hanging with friends, watching videos and still have access to your Facebook news feed to line up the next video or catch up on the latest statuses.


Check out Facebooks new product video to see how it works!


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