Pinterest Marketing


Promote Your Images On Pinterest


In its sixth year, Pinterest has accomplished incredible achievements. Now the fourth most popular social media channel Pinterest has developed into an incredible marketing engine with features such as; promoted pins, rich pins and enhanced search. Fifty2One Media can help you discover why Pinterest is one of the best direct sales and marketing social channels available to online businesses today. A recent study has shown that 93% of its 170+ million active pinners have shopped online in the past 6 months. An older study looking at how different genders used the site showed that men used Pinterest like a shopping cart whilst women preferred to build wish lists. This information alone is enough to understand that there is huge potential for sales opportunities marketing your business on Pinterest.


We deliver visually aesthetic, creative, targeted campaigns. Our approach to Pinterest Marketing develops a strong following for your brand and gains massive exposure to reach a huge targeted audience. Fifty2One use a mixture of organic and measured paid marketing campaigns to; increase volumes of targeted website traffic, build brand awareness and loyalty and increase website sales and revenue.


Do you have an active Pinterest account but are struggling to generate a following? We are here to help! A Free Pinterest Audit will analyse your performance data, current competitor strategies and paid activity to uncover the areas where you would benefit from improvements, new targeting opportunities, and marketing strategies suggestions to increase sales revenue.