Google is KING!


The Online King is Google, we will make your site to top of that King.


Fifty2One Media’s opinion of Google+ marketing is it’s unlike all other social media marketing channels. To get an idea, we look at it like a social layer that sits upon all of Google’s services. Because of this it really can be the deciding factor in a customer’s decision to use your services over your competitors. You should be including Google+ in your online marketing strategies and here’s how we will help you.


Google+’s communities are the equivalent of a Facebook or Linkedin group and are fantastic for driving large volumes of traffic via content marketing. This is a great way to share high quality content that leads to networking opportunities. Building large targeted circles based around your target market offers a real opportunity to interact with your demographic starting conversations and promoting your brand. We have the social finesse and platform understanding to deliver messaging that engages your target market and encourages them to interact with your brand. This includes: – Target Market Analysis to understand who your customers are and how they search online. – Competitor Analysis – To determine current competitor marketing strategies. – Keyword Analysis – To determine what your customers are searching right now to find your products or services. Our dedicated and skilled team will create a PPC Campaign based on your individual business needs. Whether that be driving volumes of traffic, increasing the number of leads generated through your website or an increase in online sales – we have a solution for you. If you feel that your current PPC Management is failing you why not speak to us for a free initial chat about how improvements can be made for greater online returns for your business.



One of the great benefits of Google+ is the social signals it provides that boost your search engine rankings. This is a great way to boost your current search engine optimisation and gain that extra push that you’ve been looking for to capture one of the top places on the first page. Each time someone interacts with, comments on or shares your content this signal adds weight to that post. For every link that is shared an extra link is created to your profile increasing the authority of your profile and anything associated with it meaning massive increases in ranking signals. The founders of Fifty2One Media have been SEO specialists for over 15 years and would recommend Google+ for all B2C and B2B Business Models. Get in touch today for a free friendly chat or a FREE GOOGLE+ AUDIT today and find out more.