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October 13, 2016
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Topic Sorted News Feed? – Facebook Updates

Facebook have been dabbling in some testing on their Australian followers.

Changes are being tested due to an increasing demand for users to be able to sort by topic making it much more user-friendly and easier to find the content they want to see.

On logging in users are now faced with a friendly instructional alert stating “There is a new way to see a stream of stories that focus on a specific topic.”

Facebook News Feed - Update

Facebooks First Test Serving

Facebook at first served up automatic default topics to choose from. This includes; Animals & Pets, Travel and TV and Movies. The default topics vary widely account to account and by clicking the settings icon in the right of the topics section, you can manually select and remove the topics you want giving you more control over your news feed than ever before.

New Feed Update - Categories

It also appears that results will include content from pages that have not been previously liked. This means you get a mixture of content that you have previously followed and new similar suggested content. The new features could make it very easy for users to find new great content that relates to their favorite topics and interests. This new filter could be a great new edition to Facebook’s features and a top spokesman has confirmed that the new layout doesn’t remove any content from the news feed as it current it operates.

Current Facebook Publisher?

If you are a current publisher that uses Facebook as a way to get your content in front of interested users, you know how difficult this can be. This new introduction to the Facebook algorithm will no doubt make this even more tricky and will require a more thought out process for the categorization and tagging of content to ensure it’s seen by the right people and generates enough reach to drive engagement and viral activity.

Facebook Feed Update - Twitter Mention

Testing has been ongoing for some time now and the strange new segmented arrangement of the news feed was first spotted  on Desktop in October and the mobile version was rolled out in December – Android specifically was being tested on in April.

Facebook News Feed - Update - Animal

This latest innovation is due to the high number of people have requested options to see more stories on Facebook around specific subjects they are interested in. We personally welcome the new changes as we feel that it will make it easier for people to find our content even if it does take a little extra work from our side.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear what you think of Facebooks latest updates and include your feedback in our next blog publications.

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