Why Choose The Fifty2One Car & Van Leasing System

We work closely with experienced brokers and current clients of ours to ensure the system is working in the most efficient way, making things simple and saving as much manual work as possible . We understand the industry and how much man hours it can take for things such as uploading deals, sending quotes, emails and order forms etc. that’s why we have simplified everything by being able to upload a ratebook in a simple format, send quotes and orders with 1 click and fire out emails from inside the CRM system .

We never stop enhancing the system, we take all feedback on board and if we can help we will! Developing new features on a monthly basis and rolling them out to our clients. We want to be the simple solution for every broker and we understand the only way to do that will be to listen and grow with our clients .

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Why we work so hard to provide the best platform on the market :

No one likes manual work, spending 14-15 hours each day managing clients, uploading deals this is why we focused on reducing the manual time spent with your website. Our team believes that if we can streamline as much of the process as possible it opens up your day to potentially getting new business while the system automates the emails, sends the orders off while you sit back and manage your time. The flows that come with the system automate almost everything, its hard to believe but the demo will show how powerful the system really is.

Most Common Questions Asked

We use CAP HPI data, we are a reseller of CAP which means we offer prices that cant be beat!

Prices are based on what package you decide to go for, give us a call for a breakdown on each package

  • Easy to use CMS
  • Completely responsive (front and back end)
  • Simple and fast
  • Not bogged down with plugins and extensions – no WordPress
  • Multiple users with different access levels
  • Upload ratebooks
  • Simple ratebook import options
  • Ability to crunch thousands of deals within minutes
  • Get all your prices uploaded and with one click, update all website prices
  • Exportable ratebooks
  • Commission can be added as the ratebook is uploaded with a simple checkbox option
  • Deals can be tweaked individually at any time without needing to re-upload ratebooks
  • Override feature for special offers
  • Simple filtering options for finding and editing deals
  • Compatible with cap and IDS data sources – most need just a cap licence and then the data from IDS (our preferred partner)
  • SEO friendly and easily editable
  • Create SEO friendly ‘patterns’ to cover the complete site’s meta data. Removes a lot of manual work to be SEO friendly.
  • Automatic SEO friendly 301 redirects if a derivative, model or manufacturer is removed, avoiding any 404 errors
  • In-built CRM but can accommodate other CRMs such as Quotevine
  • Create, manage and send quotes from within admin
  • Export-able as PDFs
  • Online digital signature – no need for physical printing, scanning and emailing
  • Simple and effective blog – easy to create, edit and delete posts
  • Simple blog category management
  • Easy to tweak menus
  • Header and footer menus available off the shelf
  • Full control over your own menu and navigation structure
  • Filter cars and deals by manufacturers, models and/or derivatives
  • Makes finding and editing anything within the site very simple and effective.

Other features:

  • Import funder ratebooks in a simple format
  • Ratebooks can have different commissions based on mileage for fine tuning
  • Create automated workflows for each funder (user can create different flows for each client type) to automate email tasks at different stages in the quote / order process – saving a lot of admin time
  • Add / edit dealers and funders as required
  • Create CVS files for Cars2Buy, Leasing.com and much more. We can create a feed for almost any portal as long as we can get a template (this process can also be automated each night)
  • A user feed creator is coming soon
  • Collect and export emails into your mailshot platforms (if we can get an API key, we can also automate this process. Otherwise, a simple export/import solution is available)
  • Create a manual lead/quote/client from the admin
  • Unassigned proposals – send proposals that aren’t attached to a vehicle

Initial Upfront Cost Below


Basic Design


CRM, One Page Design, Additional Features

  • Ongoing monthly Cost for Maintenance, Hosting and Data.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 15.35.20

Advanced Design


CRM, Choice of Design, Additional Features

  • Ongoing monthly Cost for Maintenance, Hosting and Data.


Bespoke Design


CRM, Bespoke Design, Additional Features

  • Ongoing monthly Cost for Maintenance, Hosting and Data.

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Broker news article 5021 - Car Leasing CRM and Website

See our latest article in the broker news regarding the announcement of the significant CRM upgrade we are launching in the coming months, to view in full click here.

The CRM Upgrade is a huge announcement for us as we have been working closely with brokers to create the most advanced CRM. The system will look cleaner, fresher and work in the most simplistic way. This will result in your customers receiving the best experience from navigating through the site to receiving their quotes.

Further announcements to follow regarding this…

A Few Features Coming:

  • Planned Delivery Calendar
  • Conversions tracking – enquiries / open quotes / open orders / closed deals / salesman / teams / commissions
  • Dedicated screen for Activity and Notifications for a specific period of time.
  • Multi Quotes
  • Dealer digital Order

And many more that we aren’t ready to announce just yet.


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